I will be 35 weeks tomorrow 5-12-10 went to the dr yesterday gained 2lbs he is head down and i go back in 2wks. my c-section has finally been scheduled for June 8th. i will also be getting my tubes tied. i am still a little worried/nervous about taking care of 2 kids especially when my boyfriend is at work and when we have appointments.maybe he should stay in there lol. we finally decided on a name his name is going to be Noah Matthew. still no where near being done with the adding on to our place. probably wont get done in time for noah and it bugs me so bad. i dont know what we are going to do with him and everything else till the rooms get done. the weather has set us back and a few other things too. i just wish we could find a way to get it done before he is born,it would make me happy and would be better. I am having a baby shower next weekend 5-22-10 and i still got to plan for it,food and stuff and find out for sure how many are coming. i am thinking of just have some light snacks,drinks and cake.thinking about not doing any games and prizes.I been so moody and emotionally more lately.I am uncomfortable,have trouble sleeping and just havent been feeling good. anyway guess thats it. leave comments if want.

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May. 11, 2010 at 2:56 PM

You'll do fine with having both kids there! I was worried, but somehow we manage, you will find a way that works out for all of you when he's born. And as far as add-on I'm sorry there have been so many road bumps, but at least you're working on it! Hopefully you will have it done, and if you don't you will find a way and place for the little man (Noah) to be safe, and okay. Remember I'm here if you need help or to unload.

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