Got a call from him which is very rarely that I hear from him....He chose not to be in our lifes...but i tried to keep in contact.....I call him,send him letters,pictures of his grankids and grant grandkids..My youngest son has only seen him once....My dads choice...He was an alcoholic...So he stayed away...When I was 12 he come back in my life intill I was 20...He ran away and start drinking again...He meet my oldest son....Then come back when my youngest was 2 and oldest 6...I ask him not to hurt them like he did me...If he couldnt be a grandfather more then every 5 years dont bother....He didnt the next time I saw him was 7 years later....Then he left and I found him abd talk to him then nothing for years.....My mom died in 2007 and I found him and I called him to let hom know and I needed my daddy......I got worried he wasnt answer my calls or emails so I contacting my uncle and my dad called tonight with bad news....He has congested heart failer and the said his heart is weak..........My have cancer but to weak to run the test....He said hid heart would kill him before the cancer would...He lives in Indiana and I live in Texas......We lost all those years....To only lose him for good.....I guess after all the hurt I an still a daddys girl......I love you Daddy

Talk to him yesterday......He now my have polobs on his colon and if he has to get them removed They have to turn his defibulater off......He is haveing the done friday to check for the pilobs,,,,,,I still hoping I can go see him..... I need to go see him before something happens..I wanted me and my sister to go.....I am so stresses out!!! Thanks for all your prayers needs some more please!!!!

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May. 24, 2010 at 1:20 AM

I'm sorry!  My father was also an alcoholic, although he was in my life daily growing up, he spent most of his time drinking at bars.  I feel your pain.  I lost my father two years ago to a heart attack even though he was not even 50 years old :(.  {{hugs}}

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May. 24, 2010 at 1:36 AM

Thank You!!!! Sorry for your loss.....

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May. 26, 2010 at 6:21 AM

Feel Your Pain!! May God Bless You everyday!!



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