We spend this past weekend having a 2nd Birthday party at our house for our son. It was totally exhausting cleaning the house getting all the food, preparing everything. I actually hate having birthdays at our house and feel my kids already have too many toys an junk!!! I have decided to have a Chuck E Cheese bday party for our other son in August, then next year not even having a party, just celebrating with us at home and just seeing my and my husbands parents if they have a gift for them. I will then have another birthday on a more significant year like 6 or something like that. Maybe i am mean, but i have had it with the materialism and even getting stuff you don't need at all, who cares!!!?!?! Is there something wrong with me, i am just kid birthday burnt out!! k in motown

PS, Any suggestions on other places to have birthdays outside the home appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May. 26, 2010 at 6:56 PM

You could have one at a local park that has a pavilion...

We don't really do b-days much...we have the family over for hotdogs and such...but we have a fairly large family, lol...so even a small party tends to get out of hand...

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