So, today is day 1 of the 30 day shred, yay me! I am determined to get small again! Here are my measurements for now, i had no clue what to measure so I just did stomach, arms, and hips. For some reason my enter buttons aren't working lol.  Height: 5'3      Weight: 183.0  stomach: 44 inches around  Arms: 14 inches around (if that's right)  Hips: 46 inches around.  I have no idea if i measured right but that's what i got lol. So this morning was day one of the Shred and its freaking hard! A lot of women said it would kill my thighs, but no that part wasn't too hard. But my arms are ready to fall off! My legs are a little like jello, we live in a split level house so there are 2 sets of stairs, needless to say i almost rolled down the stairs lol.   I only did level one, and there is a part when Jillian has you bed some and throw punches, and in my head I was thinking yeah i really want to punch you in the face right now Jillian, then felt guilty for thinking that lol. Anyways, my plan is to do the shred Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But everyday I will be doing yoga and maybe going for a walk around the neighborhood everyday. I'm going to update every week so we can see if any measurements change! Good luck to everyone else doing the shred! and again, I'm sorry the enter buttons aren't working!

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