So we are currently living with my husband's aunt and uncle, but we are building a small house. We are hoping for it to be done enough by the time the baby gets here in November. We are having to clean out the house now, so we can get ready to build. We are going to put new sheetrock on the walls and have new flooring put down in the next few weeks.

With us living with my husband's family we are living in one big room. It is so crowded in one room. With two beds and a treadmill and our tv and Dh's recliner, so we don't really have room for leah and her things. So starting this week my husbands aunt & I are taking Leah and the little boy, Jordan that she watches up to the school playground. Leah just seems like she does NOT want to take a nap anymore so I figure we could take her of the mornings to play and by the time she finishes she would be good enough tired to take a nap it would give me some exercise. I'm almost 15 weeks now, and I'm beginning to gain weight and it would give me exercise which will be good for both me and baby and of course leah too! That way all of us are getting exercise.

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May. 29, 2010 at 11:23 AM

getting out of the house does wonders for your outlook.  if i stay home too much i go stir crazy, almost like a caged animal.  she will LOVE to play at the playground. i know my daughter thinks it's the best day in her life when she gets to play at the park. ENJOY!

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