I  am absolutely not a dog person! I cannot help it! My mother has three little annoying obnoxious dogs that always bark and always shake and stare and I thought that annoyed me! But my boyfriend has the most rediculous animal alive! No Joke! She just peed in our bed! She chews on clothes, tears my kids toys up, and sheds everywhere! I want to get rid of her so bad, specially with a new baby on the way, but my boyfriend "loves" her too much. Seriously, she is either going to have to be given to some family that can put up with bullshit like that, or kept outside of our house at all times. And he will not settle for either!

It's tiring! Help! lol

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Jun. 5, 2010 at 9:23 AM

i suggest crate training.  putting her in the crate at night or when she can't be supervised will cut down on her destroying and peeing on things.

i recently was given a dog that was "playful and housebroken". in a pig's flipping eye she is. lol it's been nearly 2 months and im seeing an improvement in the dog.  she's finally responding to the command ...need to go outside? before she'd sit there and stare at you like you had three heads.  she LOVES to destroy stuffed animals, i guess that's the she loves to play.  she is confined to the livingroom.  the more she learns the more freedom she will have. but for now she's confined to the livingroom and her crate. 

if the dog is going in places it shouldn't put her on a schedule.  feed her at set times. take her out every 4 hours like clockwork.  it's a pain in the butt, ive been there and feel your frustration. 

as far as the shedding goes...it's a dog thing.  you could try taking her to a groomer regularly.  our other dog is a shedder. he goes to the groomer once a month and gets clipped. it really helped with the excessive hair problem.

good luck!

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