Did you ever do something that you never thought you would do? Well, lately I have gone off the wall and I am having a blast.  I started going back to school at the age of 45. I am actually doing very well. I became a Sex Educator and I love being a Dr Ruth..... I help so many people.... My husband and my relationship has been Fantastic lately. Sometimes you just have to rekindle that love and relationship.  There has to be a time for you two without kids, bills or other friends and family.  Set a date night..

We went out last Friday and we had a blast, I had some chick hit on my husband but thats something that I can handle.   We have had the gd over lately and that has put a damper in things but another thing that  I can handle. See I put things in priority..... You should too.

Love U parties has taught me so much and it can help you too.

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