I have two children and I have had 4 miscarriages :( Anyhow, I am pregnant and twins run in my family (moms side) and at 8 wks I am sorta huge. Well, with my two live births my HCG levels were low but detectable... in this one they aren't there in my urine or blood, but I know when I am pregnant!!! I actually went to the ER a couple weeks ago and the tests came back neg. but they heard a heartbeat, possibly two but the Nurse Practioner was not sure. So I went to my OB today and they did the urine, neg. of course UGH. They didn't even use the doppler for the heartbeat like at the ER... w/e. So I am switching OB's they're really rude anyway :) Also I have been doing some research on pregnancy without HCG... and I came up with on webmd and wikipedia(triple test) without HCG it is an indicator of a few things, and of course miscarriage being one of them but I am not miscarrying I can feel this is a 'strong' pregnancy like with my two children. SO, what I found out with the triple test, without HCG it can mean a multiple pregnancy!!! Just as I thought, I had a feeling and the two heartbeats! I am just so excited, I cannot wait for my OB appt on Thursday! YAY... and I know don't get too excited until it is confirmed... but still at least I found an answer to give me hope, you know? Thanks for letting me share :) 

a lil update?

the triple test and w/o hcg can mean multiples and other thimgs... but twins run in my fam, the others don't so guess i am an optimist? look it up, i've spent hours on wiki & webmd.... doppler w both ny childrens heartbeats so no matter how doubtful, it's happened.... i am very small framed and my tummy is flat and evev that helps drs during visits with the fundus,US, doppler, becus the baby is 'right there'. But of course i am not a dr, so don't take my word for it... you're on the internet. do some research. i have been pregnant 7 times now... believe i know and so does my husband, for instance the pica i get everytime. i don't want debate just open minds... dr's mess up, they're people too... i'm goin to a midwife once it is all figured out... fyi i had a heart attack at 22 bcus a dr missed something, i'd be dead had i not went to the hospital a mile away.... so i'm sorry i am a skeptic and trust my body b4 another person/dr's opinion... and i was told i wasn't prego 4x even w the heartbeat due to low hcg... i had lower right side pain and they did an US and finally confirmed my due date w the same one i had b4, that's all. sry 4 the book :)

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Jun. 15, 2010 at 12:47 PM

very interesting.. people know their bodies better than anyone and i agree with you on that. when do you go to doctor?

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Jun. 16, 2010 at 10:30 AM

yes i posted it like a fact bcus i know my body and if u actually read ebooks or chk out informational websites you could learn someting, but go ahead believe anyone in the medical field like a god... never trust intuition. rad about hcg lvls in a triple test (most of u sheep think is just to rule out Down Syndrome) read about the doppler who invented it and when it usually can detect a heartbeat but also how early it can be heard. Yah that nurse practitioner went an extra mile for me probly bcus its like i an a fixture there... my health probs, not sharing. becus I have been on this site since it first put up and we all got along and i'm sorry for the most part now its all these now it alls or prissy im too good 4 u.... HIGHSCHOOL! Yes, i know i could be wrong... i posted jan 18th twins bcus i want to think posiive but bot afraid to admit I am wrong either. i love my friends here even those who may oppose but politely... i never ever have been rude to a woman on here but i remember why i didn't log in for almost a year... Congrats you have all won and your reward will be the cattiest non productive site... used to be able to post things and get answers knowledgeable ones... now it is always a debate. everyone resonds to ashlee simpsons nose job but yelled at a girl w ppd who wanted to hurt herself any moms remember that about a year and a half ago? Hmmm... but i do appreciate the support and knowledge, like the nice lady to tell me to look into molar pregnancy, thx for that. Also WITH HYSTERICAL PREGNANCY YOU HAVE THE HCG, THATS HOW YOUR BODY CHANGES... READ AND STOP WATCHING TELEVISION PLEASE

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Jun. 16, 2010 at 10:30 AM


Quoting MrsTWalsh:

Her page states that she is due jan 18th w/ twins like its a fact. It just seems like a weird statement to make considering that, according to her, none of that has been confirmed.I is very unlikely that anyone would even waste time putting a Doppler to her belly when she was 6 weeks pregnant. When you are only that far along a vaginal ultrasound is about the only thing that could possibly detect a heartbeat. I just prefer to live in reality ...

Quoting Chrissy1201:

everyone that is bashing her and putting her down, you just need to stop!!!!!! one thing is, is that just like every person is diff. every fetus is diff. and so some people will hear the heartbeat sooner then others. another thing is how would you feel if you knew you were pg and just want to know if anyone hadgone through what your going through but insted everyone keep one telling you that your not pg. I know I would be upset if it was me. plus I have gone through what she is going through. from time that I found out I was pg til I was around 20 weeks pg my hcg level was 3 and that is very low.  but I was carring twin girls and heard their heartbeats at almost 7 weeks with a doppler.

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Jun. 16, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Quoting chelleluvxander:

ok... i really didn't want 2 have 2 say this but, i was date raped... in no way was i hoping to be pregnant, didn't think i was til bout 4.5 wks bcus i had a buldge and my boobs hurt. yes i am married and i still have to talk to the jerk that drugged me bcus it is his... why would i want that and don't u think bein prego 7x that i have heard of hysterical pregnancy? I meditated, and for awhole week nvr thought bout it once, until my hisband noticed mt tummy... so i went 2 my fam doctor yesterday afternoon, she did a pelvic exam and still wasn't sure so i had a quantatative test and i will kno 100 percent 4 sure in a week. if i am not its very likely my cancer wasnt totatally removed in March ): she didnt feel any masses, so date pared/drugged or not I hope my belly looks prego bcus i am and not cancer(nvr looked lyk this w my cancer b4?) so just to give more info... and yes i filed a report but dropped it bcus my husbands fam(loooomg story) i can give u my case file # and all!

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Jun. 16, 2010 at 2:01 PM

I'm sorry that you were date raped. It happened to me when I was 18. =(

Please do not remain "friends" with this person. Protect other women and girls by reporting him to police. It's difficult to understand why your husband would stand by without doing anything. My husband and I would never share the children with a person that is willing to drug and violate another person.

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Jun. 16, 2010 at 3:01 PM

Good luck with everything. I was pregnant with twins and the drs didn't realize it until I was 28 weeks along. I am sorry your were date raped, this has to be, and will be a hard thing to cope with.

Keep us updated, make sure to ask for a vag u/s at your next appt. Also, just from my own experience, if I were you I would probably not go to a midwife if you are having twins. When you become closer to full term there is a lot of monitoring to be done and had I not seen a ob gyn one of my sons would have died in the womb.

Good luck!!

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Jun. 16, 2010 at 7:13 PM

Interesting that you "know your body so well", yet you were so sure that DD's pregnancy was twins, and in Dec 2008 you though you were 12-15 weeks pregnant... and then weren't.  I wouldn't get my hopes up about being pregnant OR having twins this time until you get a positive ultrasound.

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