We love to go camping in the summer time.  We camp at the Jersey Shore, down in the Pine Barrens, and it is so beautiful.  We have a travel trailer and that makes camping with little ones much easier. I hope to get in at least one camping trip this summer, even though I just had our fourth baby Claire Isabelle on June 15th.

We also enjoy watching movies outside on our home movie screen.  DH put up some plywood on the side of our house and painted it "Silver Screen" from Behr paints (it is practically the same color as our house so it blends in).  We bought a DVD projector and some speakers.  We have so much fun, watching movies in our own backyard!

Another favorite activity is to visit our local library.  There is always something fun (and FREE) going on at the library in the summertime.  Last year we enjoyed a reptile show, a magic show, numerous arts and crafts, science demonstrations and an ice cream sundae party - all for FREE.  My big girls love to read (they are 8 and 6) so a trip to the library is always fun.

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