My Father in law was over yesterday and kept unrelentingly yelling at my son for every little thing he did in our yard. We were having a BBQ with my girlfriend and her kids and my inlaws came over. My father in law is quite intolerant of kids and we allow our son (who is quite hyper and has speech delay), to go crazy in the yard.  This kind of crazy is probably something alot of kids take part in though.What is crazy? For our son it is...... dumping water out of the pool, stepping in the dogs water dish, taking his clothes off and getting all sandy in the sand box. All of these behaviors were far too much for my inlaws to handle. So he kept on with the jokes about my son and his antics, which were mean and labelling, and telling me what to do, take him to the bathroom, don't let him drink that coke etc.... I am so depressed about his attitude toward my son. My husband admitted today also that his father did the SAME thing to him when he was growing up, would not him make a move without yelling at him etc.. and admitted that my father in law did not help with his low self esteem. My father in law took almost joy in embarrassing my husband when he was growing up in public in front of young girls, etc yelling out his name to call attention to him and embarrass him when they were on family trips. I just think he is s very negative person and fear that his bad attitude toward my son will only make him hate him. I feel my inlaws pick on my son because they don't really like me and dislike me more since their only daughter died, so my son and i are the scape goats to some extent. Any advice on how to handle a bullying grandfather, who is deeply insecure himself, but has no excuse to act like he does. What do U think out there??? k aren in motown

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Jul. 4, 2010 at 5:35 PM

Give him a taste of his own medicine.  It sounds like no one has enough courage to stand up to him and give it right back to him.  Stand up for your son and your family, and let him see how it feels.  Either he will hate you more, or respect you for it.

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Jul. 4, 2010 at 7:42 PM

I would embarass him in front of whoever happens to be around. I would also not let my child strip off their clothes.... in my yard or not. .... but that is just me....

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