I have been in a situation recently where defining my spirituality has become important to me. This might come as a surprise to some of you but most know me well enough to know my stance on Christianity has changed, drastically. Feel free to read on if you wish but do not assume any attempt to change my views will be worth your time, or mine.

As with many aspects of life, spirituality is ‘sticky’ as my cultural anthropology teacher would say. Therefore a lot of the content in this statement may seem unrelated but my spirituality affects all things just as all things affect my spirituality.

First let me say I believe in God. You may all breathe your sigh of relief now lol. I do not, however, believe in the God many of you do.

The God I love loves everyone. Christian or not, gay straight bisexual transgender or intersexed, male or female, sinner or saint. My God does not condemn the living. He does not judge us until we are standing in front of him after our demise.

I believe God expected (being omnipotent and all) progress. I don’t think he’s upset we’re technologically advanced. I don’t think he has a political party and I believe he created all humans equally.

I believe the bible was written as a guide book. A book of morals. I do not believe all the stories the way they are written, for a multitude of reasons, a huge one being the translation factor. We can never truly know what the bible said word for word. We will never know what was meant when it was written. Simple truths. Religion is fallible, as religion is man made. My God is not fallible, so I cannot believe a book full of hate and contradictions is his word, verbatim.

My God created everyone exactly the way he wanted them. The way we are supposed to be. That being said I do not believe sexual identity is a choice. I believe homosexuals and heterosexuals (as well as every variation of them both) alike were created with the sexual identity God intended them to have. I don’t believe God revokes salvation because someone has relations with their own gender. I also am not a subscriber to the idea that homosexuality is a sin.

I believe God gave every person free will and rights over their own body. I believe what I do with my body is between me and God. This should not be a gray area. No, scratch that, this is NOT a gray area. If I decide to get 80 tattoos, 48 piercings, cut all my hair off and dye the remnants green who are you to say God doesn’t like it? I’m adorning my temple. Body decorations are akin to church tapestries or stained glass windows. Along with body modification it is my GOD GIVEN RIGHT to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

I just lost a lot of you, and I’m okay with that. Just as the bible says to not be yoked with unbelievers, the same goes here. If you cannot support a woman’s rights to HER OWN BODY I cannot support a friendship with you.

Trusting a woman with such a personal right does not mean you have to agree with abortion. Pro choice does not mean pro abortion. But just as it is not my business what goes on with anyone else at their doctor’s office, its no ones business what goes on in mine.

I’m reading a book right now that is going over the beginnings of the Mormon Church and I have to agree with Joseph Smith on this very basic truth – God is Love. We should be LOVING our neighbors, not judging them. We should be killing people with kindness, turning the other cheek, all that.

Bible thumping and demanding people attend church never works. Knock it off. If you truly believe in converting people, do so by your actions. Be a kind friend, a true companion. Show those around you what it is like to live with love. No one will want to be a part of any organization, religious or other wise that lives in anyway but completely kindness… think about it.

That being said, I am not a ‘go out and convert!’ I also do not attend church, nor do I ever intend to return to church. Do not invite me, and more so do not be offended when I say no. I have some heavy beliefs when it comes to certain aspects of worship and devotion that most churches do not adhere too, if I were going to return to church I already have one that I would go too, and even that one I refuse to go too…

I wrote this to show you all that it is perfectly possible to be a Christian with out claiming the title or living like a right wing nut job asshole. Live in love. Show love to those who deserve it least, and stop judging those who are NOT beneath you.

Go in peace.

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Jul. 4, 2010 at 7:25 PM

I just wanted to say that I love this post.

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Jul. 4, 2010 at 7:39 PM

Thanks! I actually wrote this for facebook but after a lot of attention over there and several recent posts on here I needed this on here too :)

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Jul. 5, 2010 at 4:20 PM


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Jul. 6, 2010 at 4:52 PM

Very interesting.  (and yeah, you did lose me where you mentioned..lol, but you brought me back around... )  Good luck to you and may you continue to be content. :o)


A right wing nut job asshole... ;o) 

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