This is what I have available for my family diners July 2010.I try to update/delete daily. Most weekday menus are interchangable however most Fri and Sat menus are set because I am gone for the next few weekends and Hubs has to cook for our "starving" guys (11&12)

Week 1
Sun 4 TV Dinners and FFYS
Mon 5 Beef and Bean Nachos, fixings, fruit salad
Tue 6 Turkey and gravy over rice, green beans
Wed 7 Hot dogs, can beans, corn on cob,grapes
Thu 8 Pozole, cheesy tortilla chips
Fri 9 Hamburger patties, mac& cheese, steam broccoli
Sat 10 Chili cheese fries, can mandarins
Sun 11 Chicken Italiano, egg noodles, green salad
Week 2
Mon 12 Clara's Poormans' meal, fruit salad
Tue 13 Shredded Beef Tacos, fixings
Wed 14 Onion Chx nuggets. sweet pots, cheese stix watermelon
Thu 15 Meatloaf, grilled veggies&potatoes, corn on cob
Fri 16 CP BBQ chicken sammys, KFC coleslaw
Sat 17 Hamburger helper, green beans
Sun 18 Frozen Pizza, Hearty Green Salad
Week 3
Mon 19 Hamburgers, sweet pots, corn on cob
Tue 20 Impossible turkey pot pie,honeydew
Wed 21 easy meat spaghetti, garlic toast,peas
Thu 22 Potatoes and Eggs, toast, F&Y smoothie
Fri 23 CP Chili, cornbread,honeydew
Sat 24 Tuna helper, corn on cob,berries
Sun 25 Au Jus Beef sammys, green salad
Week 4
Mon 26 CP Beans,saffron rice,apple slices
Tue 27 Broccoli Beef stir fry over rice
Wed CP Chicken taco soup,cheesy tortilla chips
Thu 29 CP Breakfast for dinner (pancakes??)or LO's??
Fri 30 Chimichangas, fries, mandarins
Sat 31 Hamburger Soup, bread maker bread

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