Ok so we are in Minnesota for my husband "class reunion" I put that in quotes because it's not really his class reunio it's the class before his class reunion but all of his friends were in this class! Ok so whatever he drags our daughter and I 1000 miles north to go drinking with these people for 2 goddamn nights!!! What the fuck!!! So that's the first reason oh and we are only going to be up here for 3 days and we drove!! So we get up here and I find out that we are going to be staying in his moms room in a fucking full size bed with our daughter on her air mattress on the floor beside us! That would be fine except my daughter DOES NOT do good sleeping any where besides between us when we sleep in different places (we have to get a king size bed when we stay in hotels) and just like I thought it's not going very well! She is having night terrors and won't sleep on the air mattress! So now she is in bed with us, it's extreemly hot in the house, why does he not listen to me when I tell him things about our daughter? I fucking told him that this was NOT going to work so when he decides to get up in the morning I will be teling him that either we sleep on the air mattress's like we had planned on doing or I'm taking our daughter and we will be staying at a hotel for the durration of our stay here! I am beyond PISSED!!! Oh yeah guess who is sleeping like a fucking baby right now?? Yup you guessed it!! He is like always!! And he is taking up over half of the bed so I can't even lay down and TRY to sleep in a full size fucking bed with 3 people!!! There will probably be more this weekend so stay tuned!!! Sorry it's so jummbled I just needed to get my thougts out and it's 2:37 in the morning and I've been travelng for 2 days so my brain isn't quit working right now!!

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