well only around three months to go! i cannot wait to meet my baby girl! she always has the hiccups and always wiggling around! today was uber long! i was too ready for it to be over! Frank being oversease has really put a lot of pressure on me! but i guess its good to learn that i CAN do things without him even though i would RATHER him be able to be here! October seems like it takes forever to get here sometimes! but today was eventful! although i woke with an enormous headache, by the end of the day mother and i went for a brisk walk and it made me feel productive! as far as the birth goes i have heard so many positive things about natural labor which i hope to be able to experience, that its way worth it in the longrun to just wait for her to decide to get here then do it without drugs! i hear you feel soo much better afterwards and the healing process is easier! and then theres breastfeeding! good lord motherhood is so scary! lol i spend most of my time arranging her things putting her bed up and folding her clothes over and over and over! i dont know if i'm a bit obsessive or if this is normal! but i'm so ready to hold her! if i even see a baby i just want to hold it and imagine waht its gonna be like holding my little Zoey Marie! pregnant belly

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