hey ladies... i really miss yall. well its been a long time since iv'e been on here..

OK. I left my husband goin on two yrs bein seperated.. he dropped me off in OKC wit no money just kids n me nad told me to figure it out.. jokes on him i did... he doesnt pay child support he feels that he doesn't have to since it wz my choice to leave.. but its ok cAuse me n my kids are great... I meet a guy n we;ve been together for a yr.. but thats a whole diffrent can of worms. im a full time student n i have my own place my own everything n i don't have to worry bout getting kicked out or bills not pd cuz that doesn't happen like with hubby ... life is good!!!!!!!!!!

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Jul. 22, 2010 at 1:12 PM

well said

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