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 I'm sitting here watching Bringing Home Baby and it's like 7 am. I'm 23 wks and 5 days today! woo hoo This episode happened to have boy/girl twins so it made me think about how in 3 mons or so I'm gonna have two babies myself! I still can't really believe that we're having two little people at once. I'm so excited and so nervous. I feel them flipping around all day, well at least she flips around but he's stuck head down and getting pinned there by her. We had our 3D ultrasound over the weekend and it was so amazing to see them!

 Every month I get an ultrasound and every month I'm still amazed that there are these two lil faces, two sets of arms, two sets of legs, two heartbeats, etc. I keep thinking I will wake up and we will still be trying to concieve and hoping to complete our family. I love to go shopping for them and it's such a huge miracle to have a boy & a girl at the same time. Peoples reactions to the news of boy/girl twins is always funny. A women at Carter's asked if we didn't know the sex of the baby since we had b/g stuff and when we said no we're having one of each her face was hilarious! People always have to repeat it twice as if to make sure they heard right!  "What?!?! Twins?!?! One boy and one girl?!?!? WOW!!!!"

I'm so in love with themalready and I hope so much that Cameron has a good reaction to them. I want him to still feel just as important to me as he always has been. It was such a long road to get pregnant and we still have to get them here safe so I can't wait for that momen twhen I can have Cameron and the babies in my arms. I hope to God that they stay in there until @ least 36 weeks and don't have to go to the NICU. I also really hope that they can be delivered w/o a c section. I am so scared to have them way too early or have to have surgery to get them out. But God willing they will be healthy and I can stop worrying about it.

I'm sure when they are a few yrs old and my life has changed drastically, for the better, I will look back and read these journals and think how paranoid I was! This will be the most amazing journey for me, Chad, and Cam and the entire family. From a family of 3 to a family of 5 all in one day!! Wow!

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Jul. 26, 2010 at 9:04 AM

I understand all your worries but I am praying for you guys everyday!  You are handling everything so well and I am SO excited for you!  I can't wait to meet lil C and M!! cafemom, HAH!  That's funny :-)  And that right there was proof of my own preggo brain...which is about mush right now, LOL!

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Jul. 26, 2010 at 9:41 AM

congs u are haveing double the pleasseure  like us  and for ur other angel just invlolve them in all ur shopping and dotcors thats what we did with ours and they are all very close good luck my dear

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Jul. 26, 2010 at 3:45 PM

Thanks Heather!! I'm praying that you guys have another healthy baby by next year too!! I'm so excited for you even though I wish we were due closer to each other!! haha

And thank you for the well wishes butterflysmom :-)

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