Jaeda's Birth story

 This birth was much anticipated- I was planning on going completely natural. I'd had a horrible experience with an epidural that gave me a spinal headache, and I know all of the risks and disadvantages associated with interventions and had planned on avoiding them all. I ended up doing quite the opposite, but am not disappointed with my birth story at all. I did what I needed to do for my situation, and it worked out perfectly.

 The evening of July 24 I noticed a difference in my contractions. Nothing alarm-sounding worthy, just a difference that made me think the end really was near. The contractions weren't hugely intense, and approx 20 mins apart or so- they simply had a different feel to them than the ones I was used to. I didn't get much sleep, finally dozed off around 4am July 25th or so only to get woken up by contractions at 6:30. When I went to the restroom I saw the 1st bit of my bloody show which continued through the rest of the day, and I knew this was it. I was up till 8:30, and dozed until Virginia(my 1st daughter) woke me up for some breakfast at 10:30, my dreams punctuated with contractions. By now I knew the contractions weren't going anywhere and that I was in early labor. They were about every 10 mins, give or take, and had a deeper feel to them regardless of what I was doing. I got up and vacuumed Virginia's and my bedrooms and organized the linen closet to the TEE, lol. My Mom got hone from her job around noon, at which point I told her I was in early labor and that I had no doubt this was it- I might not have her till late night/ the next morning, but this was it. I got in another hour or so nap and then txt my doula; she came over about 4 even though she knew there was no rush- just because she is awesome like that! My contractions steadily got closer together and required me to focus to get through them, until they were about 3-5 mins apart. Around midnight we headed into the hospital -since this was my 2nd baby we worried that once my water broke she would be outta there, like what happened with my 1st daughter(6 hour labor total with her). On the way to the hospital I broke down crying- I was SO glad to be going to the hospital, and KNOWING that this was it! I knew just a few more hours, even a full 12 or more worst case and I would be DONE with everything I have been enduring day in and day out for months. I was a 3 upon arrival and handling the contractions well, they were intense and I couldn't talk through them but I could breathe and focus. Things continued to steadily progress until about 4:30 am, when suddenly I just had to take a poo. I shot up out of the chair I had been laboring in and almost ran for the bathroom. I had a VERY strong contraction while I was on the toilet with lots of pressure. My doula called for the nurse who checked me- I was a 4. I have to say at this point I was very disappointed- I was in 100 times more pain than I had with my 1st daughter at any point, even after my water broke at 6cm with her(right b4 the epi). The nurse offered me pain meds(which irritated me) but I told her I was fine and wouldn't need them. From here on out I really don't know the timeline of events exactly- things ramped up so strong I don't remember much of what happened aside from a sketchy outline. My Mom, daughter(5 years old), and roommate arrived about 5/5:30. The contractions had really vamped up, I was on my knees on the bed leaned over the head with it all the way inclined. I started having to moan through the contractions and having a hard time keeping my breathing under control. I know at a couple of different points I vomited. My back hurt so bad, my doula tried to rub it but it literally felt like it was on fire, it burned so bad(the feeling like when you're out in the snow and then run your hands under really hot water). I was in so much pain I didn't want to get out of the bed when I had to pee, so I went in a bedpan several times. I got to where I was hyperventilating through the contractions, I was hurting so bad I couldn't cope. Nothing I did changed anything, focusing was not an option, I was in so much pain and so exhausted I finally asked for pain meds- I think around 6:30. I looked at my doula and said "I need pain meds." She told me I had to look her in the eyes and tell her I needed them- and verify that it wasn't wishful thinking I knew what I was asking for and that I wanted them. I looked at her  and said- "Mandi- I need pain meds, I mean it" and promptly puked my guts up again, lol. They came in and gave me something for the nausea and something that started with an F for the pain- the lowest dosage narcotic I could get. I could still feel the contractions, still had to focus through them and concentrate to breathe, but I could breathe. This lasted all of maybe an hour. Luckily everyone except my doula had gone to get breakfast when it wore off- they very quickly vamped back up to beyond what they had been before. I was laying on my side in the bed, screaming with each contraction, I could not catch my breath, I could not think for the horrible, wrenching pain in my back and pelvis. I am glad my daughter didn't see me like this, she had done well up to this point(so I'm told) but I think that would have been a bit much for her. I'm tearing up thinking about this- but finally after a contraction passed I started crying huge, heaving sobs. I looked up at my doula and said "I can't do this shit anymore Mandi- I've been in pain for so long, so many months, I just can't take it any more!" I had reached my limit. I'm typing with tears streaming down my face because that was the worst feeling I have ever had in my life. The months of agony and stress and lack of sleep hit me all right then and there and I wanted nothing more than relief. I got the epidural. The one thing I said come hell or high-water they would not be doing to me- and I WANTED it! I think it was within 30 mins or so and I had the epi in place- and I could breathe again. I could think, I could relax. I'm not sure when that happened, I think about 7:30am/8:30am. I found out that right before they did the epi I was at a 6, completely effaced- and I knew it wouldn't be long. Right after the epi was put in my OB stopped by to check me, and while she was my water broke- I felt it! It was a weird sensation, and immediately I felt the contractions change. I could still feel things even though they weren't hurting, it was wonderful. I'd say about an hour after that my doula had laid down to get a nap and I was trying to rest and it felt like I was getting a hotspot. Suddenly it was just so uncomfortable, my whole lower back- so I called thinking something had gone wrong with the epi. The nurse checked me and I was completely dilated! Everyone came back in the room and as they got set up I text my husband who is in deployed to expect a call on his cell from skype. I told my 1st daughter that she did not have to stay in the room, that if she started getting scared or grossed out or just wanted to go all she'd have to do it tell Grandma. I could feel more and more pressure, and could tell I needed to push- as soon as the Dr was in the room I started. I pushed through 2 contractions and they dialed my husband as she was crowning. I could hear him come on the line and them telling him I was pushing as I bore down, and not even a min later, at 10:20am she was out! She was quiet when she 1st came out, wasn't until they suctioned out her mouth that she started crying, and even then it was a "hey- stop bothering me" cry. They laid her on my chest and she had her eyes open, so alert! My husband was able to stay on the line while they did her measurements- 8lbs even, 21 inches long. There was so much going on he got off after a few more minutes, but went to a computer lab so he could get on yahoo IM and see her through my webcam. My daughter was a champ through the whole thing, was even down by my knees as the placenta came out and exclaimed, "WHAT is THAT?" lol. My husband was able to see her get cleaned up and checked out as my Mom followed her around with the laptop. It was awesome. Within the hour of her being born she was latched on and nursing away as I typed back and forth with him, lol. NAK won't be a problem here!


We are now home, they let us go today about 12:30pm. On the way down to the car it hit me yet again that it was finally over, and as I was being wheeled out I had tears working their way down my face. Once we reached the car that was it- I was sobbing again. It was REAL! We were going home- we ARE home, and I'm not in the pain and misery I was in. When she nurses I cramp up a bit of course, but that doesn't even compare to the worry and stress and pain the contractions caused for so long.


Thanks for reading the overly-long, drawn out birth story of my second daughter. It didn't go anything how I planned, yet I am satisfied with the decisions I made and beyond happy to have my daughter in my arms. Truealaskanmom- I thought of you afterwards and I applaud you- I know you were in labor about as long as I was if not more, and you stuck it out. If I decided to have another child (major effing *IF* lol!) I will give natural another go- I know the benefits it has and the consequences that can occur otherwise. But this time I couldn't do it. And I'm 100% ok with that. Thanks to all the moms that supported me through this pregnancy, listened to me rant, or had to deal with my attitude :) I couldn't have done it without cafemom!

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Jul. 28, 2010 at 2:57 PM

I read every word. Congrats!

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Jul. 28, 2010 at 3:37 PM

Congrats! seems like deliveries dont ever go as planned! I also got the spinal headache after my second pregnancy and was against getting the epi this last time around, but like you I got it because of the severe pain I was in.. I was relieved when I didnt get it this time around! But my ob mentioned there is actually a med they can give you that will make it go away right away!

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Sep. 9, 2010 at 12:24 PM

Beautiful story

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