Im trying to get my catalog business going to make enough money to pay bills and not have to use my daughters ssi as much.I have a link to my website that I would like everyones opinion on and I have a page on there right now that has items that I have on hand if you would like to buy.Its still a work in progress just like I am in GODS hands.Right now I'm trying to get enough money together to get my car fixed..My daughter has some special needs and I would love to support her and be home when she is.She has dr apts,therapy and ard meetings.right now .She has adhd,odd,severe emotional disorder and thier saying she may have pdd and mild mr.We just started occupational therapy and waiting to get her in to be tested for autism or anything in the area as we suspect she may have aspergers.I also want to get her into some kind of sports activity for kids w/ special needs to build up her self image/confidence/esteem and team player spirit down the road.I'm also working on some ideas for like a hostess gift for anyone who collects orders  that can be sent to your home.That I hope will be in the near future.KACCYSKOLLECTABLES.FAITHWEB.COM

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