After struggling with liking a coworker and having issues with my feelings toward dh, i'm happy to say that's over. I have quit the job, and now dh is working. While I love being home with my kids, sometimes they just drive me insane. Sometimes I wonder if I'm cut out to be a sahm. But for now, that's what I am and what I'll continue to be until things change and I find a job.

My grandma is coming into town next month and I'm dreading it. Although I love her to death and am grateful for all the things she has done for me, it just totally mixes up our lives while she's here. I'm used to my life being comfortably mundane, I like it. But when she comes, schedules get changed, responsibilities get all messed up, and things are just stressful. She judges everything we do. I posted a picture on facebook of our new puppy and what does she comment? "another dog? Don't you have enough mouths to feed?" she doesn't like how we raise or kids or live our lives. Not to mention her and her husband bicker constantly, about everything. She hates the humidity in Chicago and complains the entire time she is here.

I love her and miss her, but my god woman, you drive me insane sometimes.

That is all.

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