So I think I'm going to start blogging regularly. I would do it on facebook, but I honestly don't want most of my family reading it and commenting. Especially some friends I have on there, I don't really want them knowing my business. I was keeping a journal, but blogging seems to be the way to go nowadays.

My life is okay. My kids drive me crazy sometimes, but I live them to death. I think I am still going through some post partum depression, a year and a half later. DS2 wasn't planned, and it was just horrible timing. I got laid off a month before he was born. I love him, and am just now gaining that bond I had instantly with my first 2 kids. It's sad, bit I can at least admit it openly now. I was keeping it inside before and barely even admitting it to myself. But now that I can be open about it, it is helping and has taken a big weight off my shoulders. It's something I work on and struggle with every day. But it's getting better and im sure in time things will continue to improve.

We are still waiting on our income tax return. We filed mid-February and this homebuyers credit is really delaying things. I don't know what the holdup is, and no one will tell me anything except that they need more paperwork, and each time they ask for something, that gives them an additional 30 days go process it. Ugh. But that's a whole other blog that I don't feel like getting into.

DH has finally found a job, so were slowly digging our way out of debt and paying our bills down. That's a good feeling. We are currently still broke, but less worried about our utilities getting cut off. Whew.

Well I think that's all for tonight. I will try to post something tomorrow too.

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