Soooo We moved to a new place 5 acers, the drive is long so we cant see the end from the house, before we moved here our lab mix got pregnet, we were here a week and she had 9 puppie (bulldog mix) after 4days the flys were just sworming around them, then the next day my husband went out to check on them and one was dead, so he told me just to keep a eye out for them so later i went out and 4 of them were gone so i though they had died and she went and buried them, soooo i took the other 4 in to try to take care of them, ha then i went back out and she had take the other 4 and hid them behind some latters. So i had the 4 inside trying to take care of them...anyways they died...not sure be we think they had parvo, anyways after a few days we went to check on the puppies and she had went and hid them some where else, Gabe couldnt find them. That Friday my husband got up to go to work, got in the truck went down the drive way and found our Lab....dead....and pitbulls EATING HER!!!!!! He called me and told me what he found and that me and our son was not to go outside and he would take care of our dog when he got home and to call animal control he said the dogs looked starved and bread for fighting because they were very aggressive, He has had this dog for 10years and this really hurt him! So i called animal control...they don't open till 10am, so i left a message i called back later that day and she said she didn't know if the dogs had been caught because the guys not back yet, sooo the next day I called back and i asked the lady again if the dogs have been got....and she gave me all this bull where she couldn't tell me if they got them or not.....he brought in 30 dogs....I'd have to do all this paper work.....ect..ect...Then i just told her "Look mama these dogs ate our lab..i have a 4yr old and i want them dogs got!!" She took my number and said the guy would give me a call.....never did get a call.Then a few days later the dog catcher came to my door and said, do you have the dogs to go to the he pound...umm no I'm not going to catch them...that's your job. The dogs have been hanging out at the end of the drive way and hadn't came in to the yard where i could see them, so the guy gave me his card and left.....then i get this call it was my neighbor on my right side, she introduced her self and asked if we were the owners of some pit bulls hanging out in there yard...I told her no and what had happen here at our house with them killing our dog....then she said that they had found 3 puppies under there building and was taking care of them lol i told her it was our dogs puppies and they could have them, but they though maybe the bulldogs was the "daddy" to the puppies i told her no they were not.  So she said she had called animal control a few times to, to get these doge because she has a small child to, A few days later the dog came into our yard and up the drive way and i could see them, well after 2 weeks of calling animal control several times I didnt see the dogs and my husband didnt see them but we hadnt heard if they were got, and thenmy neighbor called and said she just wanted to tell me that animal control got 4 pit bulls and they were starved and bread for fighting and they found who they belonged to (the ppl on our left side) and called the cops to go check them out. Sooooo thats our story about starving pit bulls

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