The pregnancy is going well and we have our first actual visit at 7 weeks, next monday.  Slight downfall, my husband can't go with me.  Then I leave stright from the doctors appointment to head to NC so the next morning I can take a computer aptitude test and a face to face interview with Verizon as a call rep.  Another downfall, my husband can't go with me.  ::sigh::  At least I have a friend up there who is letting me stay with her for the mid week-weekend.  :)  Anyway, then Wed I'm back here in FL again and at work.  I have to say, I was weery about the week when first thing Saturday I recieved a summons for jury duty.  XD  Umh, that is right around the time I have to move, if I'm not already moved by then.  Anyway, I'm lucky that on the send in form one of the reasons to request not to participate is because you are an expectant mother.  Granted, I'm not all that far along yet, but it's still true.  Anyway, as long as I don't get a call from the courthouse, I'm pardoned from participating.  Anyway, it's a good day, and looking to be a good few weeks.  I hope everyone else is having as good of a day/week.  ^.^

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