Last week my daughter and I took off to Oregon (from Cali) to visit my mom and my sister.

We decided to leave the boys (dad and dear son) home; mostly because we just did a trip to LA all together and dear son is a pain in the ass traveler. Also, ds had his first soccer practice of this season and DH is the team coach.

So we went to Oregon and had a fantastic time!

We went roller skating, rode horses, drank out of a mountain well, went swimming, played pool, played board games, went shopping and ate out every night. Ahhh, it was heaven!

I am going to include some pics from that trip here...last night DH and I went to DH's 20 year HS reunion. We mingled, drank, ate, shmoozed and finally danced so much I have blisters on BOTH feet today! We were lucky enough to offload the spawn on DH's sister for the entire night (thanks sis!)...this morning we woke up at our leisure, enjoyed some McD's for breakfast and then went back to bed! LOL Ahh, the good life.

Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment!

This is DD, who has enjoyed horses her whole life...this time, being at my sister's new property up in Oregon, dd got to ride all by herself. What a brave and capable daughter I have.

Here is DD at the mountain spring well thingy...yes, actual mountain stream water coming into this hole. It was beyond refreshing...we went back and filled several jugs.

This is the signboard at the water well, and ironically, these are my ancestors. My maiden name is in fact "Applegate".

Me and the kid.

My mommy and my kid....we had a BLAST!

Me and the kid...all sweaty.

Daughter at her auntie's property; Aunty and her man du jour built this arbor out of trees from their property...I thought it was rustic cool.

This is Beau and Belle...they were PISSED that Lucy (the mare) got to go out for a ride. LOL Horses, SUCH the pack animals.

This one is of last and DH, sufficiently buzzed and happy.

Now I am back, and ready to tackle the rest of my August commitments....go easy on me, it's been a busy summer!

~Cheers to all!


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Aug. 9, 2010 at 9:56 AM

Looks like you had a blast!

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Aug. 11, 2010 at 10:17 AM

I miss you! Thank you for sharing some of your summer with my posse....we feel so blessed to have spent that time with you and your beautiful family!

PS: you look beautiful!ttc

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