Last year I hurt my back at work and was off 4 months for work comp. Then they made me go back to work on lite, limited duty. I am a rural mail carrier and do lots of lifting, bending, stretching, etc. I have had to fight the Dept of Labor for everything I have gotten done with my injury. I've had 3 months of physical therapy, numerous tests, MRI, bone scan, nerve conductor test, FCE tests. Through this all I have maintained where and how the pain affects me. Finally after 3 dr's they send me to a pain mgtmt specialist. He decides he;s going to do nerve blocks. So we do 2 rounds of nerve relief. I go back to see him (340 mile round trip) and I'm really depressed because the nerve blocks didn't work & feel like this is my last option. Finally my husband shows him how we have to sit on the right side of the car all stretched out to deliver mail. He demonstrated how we stretch, bend, twist, etc. The dr asks me if I've every had a back x-ray standing up, I say No. So he takes 8 x-rays of me standing, bending, twisting, etc. AMAZING! I have a dislocated vertebrae in L4 & L5 which will require surgery. I felt like a 1000 lb weight had been lifted off of me. Someone finally took the extra time to think outside the box and after 5 dr's, numerous tests and 1 yr I have a diagnosis. Of course I still have to play the game of waiting for work comp to approve but I have a diagnosis.

Unfortunately it will probably be too late to save my job. I am on a yearly contract with the Post Office and my year contract is up Sept. 1 and I seriously doubt they will renew my contract. But after 6 yrs with the Post Office and the way I've been treated I'm ready to make a fresh start. I'm actually looking forward to my future even with surgery looming up. I can find a job that I actually enjoy once again.

I've had health issues for 25 yrs with RA & Fibro but nothing has brought me down like this injury has done. There were times I wanted to give up totally. But now I have renewed hope for my future.  HAPPY!

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Aug. 9, 2010 at 1:51 PM

Good for u!! It is amazing with all the training they go through,that the doctors made u wait all this time!!  I guess it is true,some of them r only in it for the money!!  Good news is as far as your job is concerned,they will still have to pay all the medical tests,surgery etc...  They r trying to wait till your contract is up so they think they don't have to pay!!   When r u having surgery??

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Aug. 9, 2010 at 6:36 PM

I'm so glad you found a doctor willing to figure this out! Good luck with your surgery and I hope you're feeling much better soon.

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Aug. 11, 2010 at 11:06 AM

I have to wait for the OWCP to approve seeing the surgeon then a the surgery. The wheels of the government move slowly. Yes they will be responsible for all medical but by the time all is said and done I'll lose my job after 6 yrs with nothing to show but a bad back. I applied for Socoal Security and got turned down. Trying to decide whether to pursue with an attorney.

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