Does anyone remember that slot on Mr. Rogers? I think it was called Picture Picture? The big picture on the wall played video footage of how something is made...dolls or whatnot. I LOVED THAT Segment of the show.

I am excited to get to go to an Alpaca Ranch this Wednesday. I'll just be doing a quick visit to the animals before Knitting Group with my friend, Cindy. Cindy volunteers at the ranch and said she'll take me on a tour some Saturday soon Or she said it is a day I could on my own. I forget.. (So I can see the working of the fiber ranch. I love "How things work." )

I woke with a headache. Hence the extra forgetfulness and lack of clear, cognitive thoughts today. I haven't had many since the acupuncture. So I ate a GOOD breakfast, still had it, rested, still had, gave in and took Excedrin and showered, and it is a little bit better- but had moved to encompass more of my head.

I had a lot of random, dangling events upcoming on my calendar and they all decided upon their dates and times all at once and I had to do some juggling and apologizing and rescheduling.

Gavin left this morning to fly, by himself, to Omaha. He's a bit nervous about the layover. (missing is connecting flight because he falls asleep or get's engrossed in reading or sketching) 

I am driving my youngest to his Volunteer Jr Chef gig today. I think I'll hang out at the bookstore cafe and knit and drink Chai.

it's about 35 minutes to get there (so 70 min round trip- which is kinda long, - esp is I drop him off, go home, go backi and pick him up) but I love that Ki has this niche that he LOVES and thrives and enjoys. Ki is such a great person; loving, thoughtful, full of energy...but his gifts and talents seem to lie no where near academia. His sensory issues make most things a little extra hard for him and those combined facts make it hard for him to feel like he has his niche.

but he LOVES cooking (and acting). He volunteers to help the chef at a local Culinary Arts Institute. He LOVES IT.  I am so happy he has found something he can do that is important to him.

(so the drive is more than worth it)

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Aug. 10, 2010 at 11:36 PM

Thought I would return the favor and WELCOME BACK.  I'm sure you've noticed several changes since you've been gone. I have to say your name is familiar but that's about all I remember. Anyways hope you enjoy being back!

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