I love having a little garden. It took almost 18 years of marriage before I got one. It makes me happy to be out there with the plants, the sun, the earth, the birds and bugs.  

It feels so close to my God. Communing with Nature is Communing with God for me. And it makes me feel happy, esp after a tiring, sad week.

I have been feeling kinda sick lately, but spent some time in my garden yesterday. It's a just a few plants strewn around the edges of the backyard in our rented house.

I have a few of these little green sprigs of happy Asparagus popping up.

a couple miniature pumpkins are starting to turn orange!

a ROUND CARROT. I found the seeds for these fun round carrots in a local store. the first few batches I planted didn't grow. This guy did,though. Isn't he cute!

and it looks like I might get real, orange, oranges on my tree this year! When we moved here in 2008, the trees/plants were not taken care of and not doing well.  I just got a few small green citrus fruits that fell off last year.I thought it was a lime tree until this summer!

I need to transplant some Sunflowers, but something to get rid of snails, and plant some more round carrots.

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