I know it's been awhile but I have a question for you ladies!!

Patrick's grandmas (both sides) have passed. One more recently then the other. I am not quits sure how long ago it has been for his mom's mom. anywho something stranged happened last night to my little girl. Becky(mil) has this glass owl with her owlet it moves back and forth in it's nest playing a little song. Well They got it down for to let her see and they have never done that before at all because it's glass of cousre. She always and good morning and good night to it well when FIL got it down for her she wanted to be put in her play room and left alone. SHe cired bloody muder when told her no it couldn't be taken out of thier room. After 10 mins of her screaming uncontrolable Dale took it her room. Well every time she touched she began to wimper. She have never acted like that all. Taylor has never met her mom. Taylor did kinow Grandma Goodnight. SHe has never siad grandma at all it's always been Nana to my MIL. We showed her a picture of both of the grandma's. We asked her who they were well she said "grandma grandma and jumped up and down.  I think Taylor sees both of them I really do. What do you guys think? There's another thing I will cleaning something then I will hear her talking like she is talking to someone in her play room. I go in there to check and see who she is talking to thinking it's one of her bears or dolls and's not. But lately she has been very weepy. I talked to Becky last night and she said that her mom was very emotional. And Grandma Goodnight hardly ever showed her emotions towards anything. Becky was wanting me to wirte this to see if you guys have any advice since she knows I am on here alot seeking advice of things. Since I have 2 small children.

Every now and then I will look at Caden on the floor during tummy time ( actullay that little pumpkin has learned how to sit up and crawl in 2 weeks time.) he will be looking up at something and just smiling away I ever thought anything of it until last night. So what do you think

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Aug. 20, 2010 at 11:25 AM

I have heard children are more intuned with thier sixth sense then adults are. They could be seeing someone. Your baby could even be playing with his guardian angel. My bil recently passed away and my oldest talks to him a lot. She has also seen my grandparents ( my grandpa she never met). Its not just family that she has seen its been people we don't even know. I believe she is very much connected to her psychic abilities. As long as she is not scared by them. Then she should be okay. gl

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