Hi everyone! it's so long since I updted you on our family

Patrick: He is doing really good. He get a new job. He works Monday through Friday  his hours are from 11 am to 7:30 pn it's really nice to have him home at night instead of spending the ngihts with out him.

Taylor: Taylos is now 2 yeas old.  She is such a girlie girl. She loves to have her  fingers and toes painted she loves to have her hair brushed  and of of cousre her lipstick which is just chapstick.She is geeting so big. She is just like me attuitude wise.  SHe still loves Elmo. SHe loves Veggie Tales. SHe gets up every morning wanting to watch the new Veggie Tales movieswe got her. It's Sweetpea Beuaty it's really cute! We are still working on potty training. So far it's going good we havn't masrtered pooping yet. She will tell tell us after she does it. Any advice please let me know

Caden: Caden is 6 months old now. He can roll over sit and crwal. Now he is trying to pull up on things mainly his crib. He is such a happy baby. Most of the time he is cutting teething so he is cranky some times. He is such a good baby.  He likes to wacth Veggie Tales with his sister. Taylor loves him so much. SHe will climb in his crib just to play with him of cousre I am riht there when she does it

Me: I am ddoing better I am still suffering from PPD! But I am taking my meds so I am doing good

That family is doing really well we are so blessed and couldn't ask for more God has given us more then enough I am trying to teach Taylor to pray

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Aug. 23, 2010 at 7:07 PM

glad to hear all is turning better for you and the family!

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