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 As of yesterday I am now 28 wks!!!! I saw the doctor on Tues and I have only gained 10 lbs total past my pre pregnancy weight!! woo hoo!! (I lost 16lbs being so sick from wk 6 to 16 so I had to gain that back before I could get past my pre preg weight) Even though I haven't gained a lot yet my belly measures a month ahead at 32 wks. People ask me all the time "Are you due any day now?" I try not to let it get to me but wow!! If I'm only measuring 32wks how big will I be by this time next month? Or by the end of Oct? Scary!!

I took the nasty glucose test and they haven't called me yet so hopefully I passed it. It made me feel so tired! I don't remember it making me feel tired with Cameron but whatever. I also am now offically on modified bedrest. Can't lift anything over a few lbs, can't walk for long periods of time, I'm not suppossed to clean or walk up and down stairs, etc. As it is I can not walk around long enough to grocery shop little lone even do things around the house. If I do I feel like my belly is about to fall off and it hurts pretty bad. I'm starting my 7th month but I feel like I'm 9 months pregnant. I can't get comfy to sleep at night, I have massive raging heartburn everyday, and when the babies kick or decide to saumersault in there it feels like someone kicked the outside of my belly and lady parts with a freakin cleat on!!!! lol

I can not believe in just 8-10 wks my babies could be here!!!! I have most of the things we need for them and the crib is set up and all the clothes are washed but I feel un prepared for some reason. I'm nervous about the delivery of course, and how Cameron will react, etc. My top priority is keeping these babies in until I get to the 36 wk mark. I want so bad for them to be healthy and not need NICU time at all. Even if I have to have a c-section as long as they are healthy I will be the happiest lady in the world!! ( I really hope that they are healthy AND I can deliver vaginally but I'm not the most imortant person so I will deal either way as long as they are doing good.)

I can't wait to see them and hold them and take care of them!! I can't wait to see Chad and my other family with them. I know it will be hard work but it's the hardest things that are the most rewarding!! I'm still just so shocked that after all we've went through to have just one more baby we were blessed with two!! I am so lucky and I pray to God that these two get here safe and sound so we can start our life as a family of 5. (And I can not be pregnant anymore! haha I love it don't get me wrong but man I can't wait to be more active again!!)

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Aug. 26, 2010 at 9:48 PM


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