Bearjen's Randomness on Parade

yes , there will be candy thrown....

 lol sorry to beat a dead horse but are you watching this show? yes its MTV, yeas it's high school...but recently its become so so clear that

well cafemom is high school in a lot of ways too-at least to a sad few.

This shows "challenge day" at select high schools across the country, and reveals whats going on "behind the scenes" of our teens. BUT WAIT...if you dont have a teen, it's crucial you watch because these kids? they need us all.

and I have posted about it many times, and been attacked and called "pathetic" for believing it may make a difference long term(shrugs) thats fine. I figure if for one day JUST ONE DAY it makes a difference to these kids...or a teen or parent watching?

I will gladly be pathetic for believing in it.

Please look it up and watch. "If you really knew me" MTV.

you have no idea at what point a life can be changed.

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