My good friend has a little boy, 6 months younger than my son who is 4 years old. He is not potty trained at all because she says that she just does not want to battle him about it. We go on  playdates to the local park and he has alot of issues with other kids playing around him and screams and gets really upset and freaked out when other kids try to play with him or get anywhere near his toys.He also screams in my sons face and almost enjoys upsetting him. Another time we went on a walk and he was behind me in his bike and purposefully ramming the back of my feet. She corrected him only when i started getting a bit annoyed. Other mothers look at his behavior when we meet at the park as well, so, i don't think it is all me. He is a very cute little boy and i feel bad, but i feel something is wrong with what she is doing. She will not put him in preschool, i thought maybe because she was afraid of him getting sick or being aroudn other kids, she almost protects him too much and he is getting worse behavior wise because of her protection. I just fear he will have real issues when he enters kindergarden, (her plan) without any preschool or socialization with other kids his age. THen, the topper was her telling me that he has been hitting her lately!?!??! It is almost like she is afraid of him and afraid of disciplining him?!?! What do i possibly say without offending her, i like her very much, but something just is not right?!?!? Maybe i am just thinking too much about this?!?! I certainly do not have perfect kids, my older son has developmental delays and behavior issues as well. Whad a U think?!?!?  Perplexed in motown

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