Oh America, I feel your cry! We are a land in deep confusion and uncertainty. The world as we know it is in turmoil with changes being hurled at us daily. Walking the street I feel the pain and sorrow within the souls of so many. The land that we love with its freedoms and security has been ripped and shredded beneath our feet and thrown into an abyss. Tempers flair, minds race, and hearts cry out for something to hold on to. Beliefs stripped away by the narcisstic eliteism of our so called leaders. Our country is being led by a group of socialists who wish to impose their rules upon a nation that has so much to offer but is daily being assailed by new rules, more confusion, political correctness, and divided by racism. Leadership comes from the top and we have no leadership. We have those in power who wish to impose their will upon us and take away what we value and treasure, liberty. We must rise from the ashes and cast aside these evil ones so that our children can live in peace and harmony and love. It is God, our will to survive, and our inner strength that will take back what we have begun to lose as a nation - hope. Like our ancestors did before us we will strive for independence and liberty and cast out those who wish to do us harm. Our nation is at war but we can win this war if we join together in peace and love and keep our core values. Freedom is our battle cry and loyalty to one's country is what we must strive to keep. The battle can be won with loyalty, justice and faith.

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