Myth: Greasy foods cause acne

Contrary to popular belief, research proves that occasionally eating french fries or chocolate are not the likely suspects causing your breakouts. However, recent studies do suggest a possible correlation between acne and high glycemic diets associated with processed, sugary or carbohydrate-laden foods. Milk products also may contain hormones that trigger an acne flare-up. While diet isn't a primary cause of acne, healthy eating habits will always serve you well, help you to look your best and lessen the negative effects of inflammation and stress on your body.

Myth: Sun exposure helps clear acne 

Over time, unprotected sun exposure actually causes breakouts. While a tan masks the redness of a breakout and may in fact dry pimples up a bit faster, the increased cell turnover caused by sun exposure builds up more dead cells. As these dead cells pile up, pores become blocked, causing more breakouts. On top of that, UV rays will intensify post-acne dark marks. Sunscreen will not increase breakouts or make you look greasy if you find the right one. Look for a non-comedogenic SPF with UVA protection and oil control for best results.

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