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Describe your childhood bedroom. What was the view from your window?

I really wish there were a definition for the word "childhood".   Does it mean ten and under or is it inclusive of the "tween" years up to age thirteen?  Why my concern over meaning?  It makes a large difference in my descriptive memory of things. 

By the time I was ten years old I had already had five childhood bedrooms!  My dad was a United Methodist preacher so we moved around a lot during the 1960s.  Then in 1970 the Global Board of Ministry decided that maybe it would be better (you think!?) to leave their preachers in the same location for more then three years or at least long enough to implement some of the ideas it took them the first two years there to develop!  So our church's average pastorate went from 2 to 3 years to 5 to 7 years!   I honestly don't remember much about those first five bedrooms.  I do remember that in the house we lived in from 1967 to 1970 there were only three bedrooms.  Since there were three kids my sister and I shared a bedroom.  It's the only time I remember sharing a room.  

The bedroom I do remember is the room I had from 1970 to 1977. It was in the parsonage that I learned to call home.  I remember my dad spending hours with this giant wallpaper steamer peeling years upon years worth of old wallpaper off so he could paint it "thistle purple".  It was inthe back of the house looking out on the back yard.

I had two windows in my room...one looked directly into the back yard which as home not only to my pure white dwarf bunny and obnoxious rooster but to dozens of squirrels, chipmunks, wild rabbits, and even an occasional raccoon!  There are two things I remember most about that back yard...one was the town water tower that was right beside it.  Most of the time it wasn't anything more then there, but if we got a real downpour it would overfill and literally send sheets of water flooding down from it.

The other thing I remember is the original steps going out the back door.  The second day we lived there my mama told me to go out and call dad in from one of the flower beds for lunch.  When I went out the door it was an immediate step down and I fell out into our garbage can.  I broke my ankle and spent my first six weeks in the new town on crutches!  My dad built new steps that night after coming home from the ER!  lol  I remembered to be careful of steps every time I looked out my back window!

Out the other window was a deserted lot that someone had got the  brainstorm of planting wild bamboo in.  Apparently they didn't research it well enough to learn that left un-pruned it would grow to be 15+ feet high!  It was like a jungle with a shortcut path in it that my daddy kept cleared for us to go to the post office on the other street over!

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Feb. 3, 2011 at 12:54 PM

Wow Karla! How amazing! Thank You God for memories! : )  I was so blessed to move to the house that I grew up in when I was two. In fact my dad still lives there! (Mom passed away last January)

I shared a room with my sister (there were four of us kiddos) and I always had the side by the door (as I was the younger I didn't get to choose the side I had) that way when mom looked in our rooms she saw my messy side and not my sisters! Ingenius really! lol

Looking out the window was our front yard/carport/basketball hoop area. One of my most fond memories from that room was every morning I would hear my dad go outside and start his big truck to warm it up for the morning. It was such a wonderful and safe sound to me! What's really cool is that Dad gave us that truck, so now it's my hubby's truck! I can still hear it coming up the road!

That view changed from time to time as the basketball hoop got mowed over with a car from time to time (I think mom hit it and knocked it down 3-4 times!) lol but for the most part it stayed the same. We lived off the road in the trees and so you could see the majestic trees... even from my top bunk.

We had one big window that was split with a divider that my dad built, so Heather (my sister) had half and I had the other half... course the half that opened was on Heather's side!  Not a bad idea as I would have opened and closed the window continuously.

Yep, I was the typical "drive my sister nutso" sister! In fact my sister had a bird, an African Grey, and those birds are COOOOL, BUT the one thing about them is you don't let them hear anything you don't want to hear back in surround sound! This bird could mimick ANYTHING perfectly.  There was more than one occasion when we would all jump out of bed in the middle of the night  looking for the hurrendous cat fight that we knew was happening right outside our window, only to discover it was Andy showin off his skills.

So due to an amazing mimicking bird I often heard in double, "Hollie, out of my room!"  "Hollie, stop!"  And so many other things! As soon as my sister would say it, Andy would say it and He mimicked her voice perfectly. He was also my conscience at the time as I would sneak into my sisters room to do nothing but stand there because she wasn't looking and I could (Yeah, I was a rebel!) LOL and I would hear, "HOLLIE, OUT OF MY ROOM!" LOL LOL It was the bird!

Wow, I had forgotten so much of that, thank you Karla for sparking those memories for me!



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