I have never been an active person, no running, jogging, didn't play sports. I was in fairly decent shape in high school but as I grew older I got lumpier. I had my first son at age 24, gained 52 lbs with him and never really lost much of it. Fifteen years later I was divorced and remarried and son #2 on the way. Well I was determined to eat wel, no caffeine, no smoking, walk & have a healthy baby at age 39.  I've pretty much let myself go for the past 10 years due to stress, being a single parent, handling everything on my own. But I'm not happy. I love my family but I still am very unhappy when I look in the mirror. I need to lose 40 lbs by May 2011. We will be going to Hawaii for my step-daughters graduation and I want to look great on that beach. I want to feel pride in the way that I look and not have that feeling of self-loathing. So I'm walking now, eating 6 small meals, watching my carbs & fat and doing yoga. I only have one life and I want to live it to the fullest and feel good and healthy while I'm going it.

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Sep. 29, 2010 at 1:28 AM

Good for you! You know what you can do? I used to be a total hardbody...as in the abs and all, and when ever I thought about it, I would tighten my stomach muscles like I was doing crunches. It really does wonders and no sweat LOL

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