I am trying to begin a new journey & Yes, I am remaining in counseling for a while,  & try to clear myself of all of this,  we have also had some really wonderful things happening along with the bad & are sure over shadowing the bad.

  Austin graduated & for graduation my oldest Grandson's mom & New baby boy came. She is not allowed to have Chase who is my oldest GS.

 June 12th was Jake & Shala's big Wedding & it was so nice. After the wedding I stayed for a wk to have time to bond with my SGB's & Shala, it was wonderful & so sad to leave them to come home. This is when we started noticing changes in Maggie's behavior, her mood swings were becoming kind of mean at first.

The 1st  wk. of August, Sport received a call at work that his mom had been hospitalized & was found with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer & we needed to head out ASAP, they were still waiting to get the rest of the test results. So we left & wouldn't you know it, it was the first day of Sturgis Bike Rally,  the traffic sure didn't make Sport none to happy. We got there & the Dr. told us that for sure she had Advanced Cancer & were only giving her 6 mo's at the most & talk to mom & the kids all together about chemo. Mom asked him how much longer would that give her & he said maybe, possibly another wk..  Oh Man she got made.. The F-bomb was going off every where..She was in a very angry state, she had never in anyway abused her little body, she was a total health nut.  So we stayed another wk & she insisted we come back home, she would be fine. We knew at that time that something else was very very wrong, we asked of the possibility of the cancer had already started traveling to the brain. Well we came home & within 5 days she was gone. So we went back to help with arrangements , services & Estate Settlement.    

OK NOW COMES THE FUNNY PART!! Mom did have quite a sense of humor!! She had all of her Final  Arrangements already made!!  She had an open Casket, which was 1 service, on a Tuesday, then wed. & Thurs. was her Cremation & Friday was her burial. Family Only. The kids dug her plot & her Urn was so pretty, wooden with Humming Birds & Flowers. I was so very proud of my Katie, she laid on the ground & reached down & leveled out the bottom of her grandma's grave bare handed & Laid Her Grandma to Rest.. I think this was the strongest bonding & connecting point of not only her & grandma, also the Whole Complete Family. Everyone was crying so hard & hugging so tight & prayed.

 After the had placed the dirt back, they had taken up the grass to be replaced & everyone stood there &  Katie says, " ya'll know what grandma would be saying right now huh?  OK, enough of this shit !!" Everyone started laughing, we had never heard Katie cuss before. And then Sport laid that piece of grass back on her grave & told Katie, " look grandma is wearing her Tupi!"

  Anyways babe, that's about it for now Honey, will TTYIM♥♥♥♥

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