Okay, I had tenants in a property in Paulding County, Georgia since 2007. Three weeks ago they moved out and left the house in a hoarder type condition. There was clothes in the backyard, wheel chair, toys all over front yard, trash at the curbside and nasty inside and garbage everywhere. Last but not least they stole the refrigerator that was placed in the kitchen.

The sheriff contacted me and told me how long I had to clean the outside of the property; or I would be hit with a huge fine. Now immediately I became livid. Not with the Sheriff, but the tenants. I have gone over the call of duty for the tenants. I brought very nice clothes to her for one of her kids. She claimed she wouldn't be able to buy her anything for xmas. I've made late charge payments for them- from my own pocket .In addtion, I've made at least one of her payments in full when her husband was arrested. I felt sorry for the lady, because she has 5 kids, one of her children is disabled. He couldn't speak or do anything for himself. He is wheel chair bound. Not to mention one of her daughters had two kids and placed more responsibility on my former tenant. Yes! I tried to be a good person and be helpful.

In retrospect my kindness was taken as a weakness and now I have to take her and hubby to court. They left the property in a condition that caused me hardship. Not to mention the refrigerator was stolen . I will get it back because that is called theft! It hurts me to take someone to court. It hurt worse when I was cleaning the yard from the things they left  in the hot sun.  How can people be so cruel?

If you think thats bad: Here is to adding to their character. In the lease they signed saying they didn't have a dog. The neighbors said they had a pitbull. The pit was always outside tied to the patio in the blazing sun with out food or water. The neighbors said they took food to the dog occasionally. I am not a fan of pitbulls. However, I don't condone any mistreatment of any living thing. ( ie. child, elderly, men, women , dog or cat}

I don't have any respect for people when they do cruel things such as this. My frustraton with the neighbor is why didn't they call animal control!

Pray for me my people. This house is up for rent or rent to own. It is a decent neighborhood and the good thing is, you have to keep the property clean or you will be getting a call from the local sheriff. Sounds fair to me. Why wouldnt you want to be in a clean environment? The new tenants must be good people. No lies and taking advantage of one of the most nicest landlords you can ever meet. However, my guard will be up a little more. I'll always be nice, but everthing has to be documented..no matter what. If you have a little problem, I will see what can be done to help you, but the next tenant will not be allowed to take advantage of me. Pass the word around if you live in Georgia. Tell them your Cafemom friend has a house for rent.

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Oct. 4, 2010 at 5:14 PM

Wow wish it was here in Calif instead as I am looking for a rental :-)

I am so sorry for your horrible ordeal.  I was on the other side ... the renter being taken advantage of by the owner of the home when my husband and I rented.  We never got the deposit back because they accused us of false stuff.  So I am a little bit wary of renting an apt as I am going through a divorce.  I totally understand and you need to put up some bounderies.

I will be praying for your situation ( I saw your post on ChristianMoms)

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Oct. 7, 2010 at 8:35 AM

I am so sorry this happened!   What type of deposit - contract did you have with these people??

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Oct. 9, 2010 at 1:41 AM

My dear sister I am so sorry this happen to you!!! But the Lord will deal justly with them. You just need oo start fresh with a new family and one that will be blessed by your beautiful home! I too wish it were here in Calif. i have been in my home I rent for over 10 years and have seen the landlord twice! Rent has never gone up and I do take care of it and not bother him if I do not have too!

May the Lord bring the right people my sister!

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