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 I would like to introduce you to a fantastic gift book for young adult male readers. Everyone experiences unique challenges and celebrations when coming-of-age.  Young men and women need special support during this difficult time in life.  This book offers a chance to reach our African American males and show them love during their difficult teen years.  Please read on for more details and reviews on this incredible book. The author of this book has also pointed out how this book could help the entire family and this group/community start important discusssions.  I would like your feedback. Thanks!  Ella Curry

Five questions that this book asks of the readers or society

1. What do you feel are some of the reasons that make our youth turn to gangs, and what as a society can we do to change this?

2. Can good home training and instilling family values totally prevent our kids from making bad choices?

3. Does creating a good family image mean we should push our children to make choices or responsibilities they might not be ready for?

4. How does the coming-of-age process effect boys differently from girls and then later on as an adult?

5. What are the pros and cons of discreetly involving and relaying family challenges and situations to our children when they reach a certain age, and what is that age?

Intro:  A Slip In The Right Direction by author and poet Rachel Berry

» Listen to the teen character, Clifton aka Slip, introduce himself to you

Clifton Henderson aka Slip desperately wants to go back to Connecticut where he calls home, has his life all worked out, and where his best friend still lives. While trying to make his new life in Chicago work, he realizes that his mother is just as unhappy as he is, and that his dad doesn’t seem to recognize the man he’s growing into.

Slip seeks his father’s approval and feels that his older sister is their father’s favorite. One evening while at a neighborhood family-owned store, Walker ’s Pharmacy, he becomes an unwilling participant in the store’s robbery by one of Chicago ’s feared gangs, the Dragons. He has befriended the Walker family, plans to work there soon, and has a crush on the owners’ daughter. Slip makes the ultimate decision to help the gangbangers rob the store in order to lure them away from his friends, but the decision changes his life forever.

After being kidnapped by the gang and while on the run with them, Slip questions his own upbringing and future as a black male. But once he realizes that the gang life is not for him, his problems escalate. Slip hopes he can escape in order to alert the police. He must also convince his parents that helping the gang rob the store was the only way to ensure the safety of the Walker family.

Fortunately, and to his surprise, Slip manages to sneak away from the gang, and once back in the safe confines of his home, he calls the police and reports his dilemma, all the while praying the police will believe his story. While going through the ups and downs of proving himself innocent, Slip’s mom and dad learn about their own deficiencies as parents and as mates. Slip also begins to grow as a young man as many things start to change in his life such as: discovering and experiencing the natural occurrences of adolescence, getting his first kiss as he establishes a relationship with Zena, the girl he has a crush on, and defending his choices to be a virgin as well as drug and alcohol free.

Slip eventually becomes a mentor to one of the young gang members that he befriends and guides him to becoming a better person by using the family training instilled in him. Finally, Slip becomes a mentor in his community and to other teens after learning to appreciate everything he has, recognizing how easy it would be to lose everything, including the life he has in Chicago. 

The book includes 10 workbook questions at the end for the young readers to use to reflect on what they’ve learned from the story as well as to address certain issues in their own life.

On Sale Now at: Amazon:

Praise for Young Adult Novella: A Slip In the Right Direction

»   "A Slip In The Right Direction speaks to an all too familiar reality of America's Black and Brown folk who are in a day-today struggle to survive."  ---  Bruce George, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam

Meet Author Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry is a word-fairy that enjoys the craft of words that create and inspire life and people. As an author & poet Rachel feels blessed to have the creative opportunity of expression. Berry is also a motivational speaker, mentor, community leader, independent book publisher, entrepreneur, columnist for SORMAG, and host of  From The Heart & Soul Show on Blog Talk Radio.  Connect with Rachel Berry, CEO Kimathi Enterprises & Publishing Company:   http://www.rachelberry.webs.com/





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Nov. 1, 2010 at 2:44 PM

Friends, thanks for stopping by. I truly hope that you consider giving the gift of reading this holiday season and pick up at least 1 copy of my book and give it to a special tween or teen in your life. I've written this book especially for our young male readers but it is an asset to young female minds as well. Coming-of-age can be a challenging time but it is also filled with memories and celebrations. Come read about the journey 14 year-old Clifton Henderson aka SLIP embarks on. It's a story that could belong to anybody. This is part 1 of a series that each year will showcase new situations, issues, and concerns of the main character and his sidekicks as they grow up. Please visit my website for more information and to leave a comment. I enjoy hearing from you and writing for you while 'Doing It From The Heart & Soul,' ttc

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