La Bella Baskets ~ Unique Home Business

I searched endlessly for a Home Business, but they all seemed the same. I either had to stock inventory, meet quotas, take orders, buy a starter kit, have a home party or spend a large amount of money to join the company.

I was so happy to finally discover La Bella Baskets. The Gift Baskets & Flowers are unique, beautiful and easily marketable. Everyone enjoys giving and receiving Gift Baskets & Flowers and no other Home Business or Direct Sales Company sells Gift Baskets. The marketing possibilities were endless. 

The Basket of Hope Program also impressed, because they believe in the Power of Giving. Every month they deliver single moms who are experiencing hardships and challenges in life a La Bella Basket. We have a beautiful newly designed basket for this program filled with Spa and Bath essentials. This truly is a company that wants to give back!

I'm continually amazed with the Training Center and Support. The co-founders mentor to all consultants through conference calls, email and phone. The Training Center provides you with all the tools necessary to grow your customer base, free email templates, flyer's, brochures, and business cards to help market your business online and/or offline. This unique company wants you to succeed and they support you every step of the way.

The best part is the plan is very simple:

LBB makes the Gift Baskets, take the orders, and ships product. They provide 2 websites. One is your Marketingsite the other is your Gift Store. You market your store online and/or offline and our Training Center helps you reach your goal.

LBB has 3 areas to earn:
1. Product Sales
2. Referrals
3. Corporate/Business Memberships

As you can see it's an excellent program. I've been with LBB for almost 6 months and recently have become a Senior Gift Director. I'm very happy and pleased that I chose them for my home business. My plan is to continue learning, growing, and earning with LBB well into the future. 

Join La Bella Baskets here or get more info.
We'll work together to get you started with your Gift Basket & Flower home business.

Angela Sambrook ID#1402
Senior Gift Director 

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