I was shopping at Pottery Barn Kids at an upwardly mobile mall in the detroit area and some of the parents look or kind of appear uptight and like all they care about is what they and their kids look like. Then you approach them in the set up play areas of the store and they like check you out and almost seem to be sizing you up.I was almost hoping that they would see my kid with the chocolate cookie all over his hands, grabbing at them. I love Pottery Barn, but they do attract a kind of upwardly mobile clientele. I am not  a perfect looking mom, who dresses up to goto the mall, i look stylish and more artsy than most moms, i think. I want my kids to do well in life, but, i don't like snobbishness, especially when people have not earned what they have, or don't appreciate it or somehow think they deserve the best. I saw this perfect looking barbie and ken couple, with one on the way,  at the pottery barn kids and they were like striking a pose in front of the fancy crib set up. I can only laugh, and was thinking,hey , the reality of parenting is unavoidable, wait till their kid spits up allover the changing table and they are up all night, then they won't be a carin' what the heck their baby furniture looks like!!!! Life is funny and people are funny aren't we!!!!  Lets just hope we have kind kids who grow up not always thinking of themselves. Bla, bla, bla,  I am done!! kinmotown

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Oct. 17, 2010 at 4:10 PM

you are so right on the money with this!

too many people put too much into how they look and not enough care or worry in how they act or treat others.

bow down

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