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Raising Him Alone by David Miller and  Matthew P. Stevens
A Must Read Book For Single Mothers!

Who are the Average Single Parents in America?

Don't believe the hype! Women across the United States regardless of educational levels and incomes find themselves raising children alone. For mothers of color this phenomenon has become particularly acute. In many communities "unofficially" as many as 80% of the mothers within a census track are single mothers.

Although many of these women receive some support from the biological father and extended family members, an alarming number of these mothers do not receive any financial and or emotional support in raising their sons. While many of the statistics are daunting many mothers are successfully raising their sons in some of the toughest cities in America.

According to Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2005, released by the U.S. Census Bureau in August, 2007, there are approximately 13.6 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 21.2 million children (approximately 26% of children under 21 in the U.S. today).

So What is the Average Single Parent REALLY Like?  You Tell Us!


Raising Him Alone by David Miller and  Matthew P. Stevens

Raising Him Alone (book) honors the struggles of single mothers raising boys through providing daily lessons that range from talking to boys about sex to assisting mothers with the process of dating.

Many of the statistics on Black men and boys are painful and are often daunting. For example, the most recent report on graduation rates among African American males published by the Schott Foundation indicates that in many US cities African American males are dropping out at rates that exceed 65%. The cities include but are not limited to Indianapolis, Detroit and Baltimore. With the lowest graduation rates in the nation among African American males, Indianapolis and Detroit's graduation rates can only be viewed as a public health concern.

We rarely hear about the countless numbers of mothers who are successfully raising boys alone. The book underscores the need for mothers to be more willing than ever to sacrifice to support positive Black male development. This sacrifice includes developing a greater understanding of contemporary issues that effect Black males as well as getting mothers and fathers to be willing to reconcile old wounds.

The book serves as a voice of reason that tells us how important it is to rescue our boys from failing communities and failing schools.

Finally, we hope that Raising Him Alone (book) compels mothers to band together to address the challenges of being a single mother. After reading Raising Him Alone, please make sure you pass this book along to other mothers who can benefit from the lessons and the wisdom of others who have successfully navigated the world of being a single parent.

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