Hi Braythan,

     We went to the doctor today (oct 19) for your 2 month check up and first round of shots. You slept on the way there and while we were waiting to go back. When we got you into the room, you woke up and right away started talking and smiling at everybody. You were such a sweetheart! The nurse came in... measured and weighed you. You now weigh 15lbs and is 25" long. Wow lol! You are a biggin but you do not look fat, you are very proportional and very handsome :) After the nurse left, your doctor came in (Dr. Conduff) and talked with me about getting you vaccinated.

Since I was on the fence about it, i asked him a million questions to make sure i was doing what i though was best with you. Your daddy and I chose to vaccinate you. We love you so much and want to keep you as safe as possible. The vaccines will make it easier for your body to fight off some of the deadliest diseases.

After talking to Dr. Conduff about a few other things he left and the nurse came back in with 3 shots. You had to lay on the table, daddy and i were on each side :) After the first shot (in your left leg) you didnt cry at first but then you did, and that mad me really sad. Then you got another shot in your left leg and one in your right leg. You cried for a few minutes but after that you fell asleep in your car seat and we headed home. You slept the whole way home and for a few minutes when we got there. When you woke up you were ready for a bottle. 

You have done really well so far. You almost had a fever but i checked again after a few hours and it is fine now :)  You did not get any tummy time today because i wanted to give you a chance to relax. You have not done much... eating, sleeping, diaper changes. At least you have seemed happy, smiling and talking a lot.

Daddy got home from work around 1:30am (oct 20th) and is playing a new game on xbox :) He is such a great dad to you and loves you so much! You are sleeping in your fisher price sleeper rocker. You love it and sleep so well. You are an awesome baby and daddy and i are so lucky to have you in our lives!

Love you so much, always and forever :)


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