5 years ago when I became a mother I wanted to do EVERYTHING  right!  I read books, I made plans.  I bought the BIG SUV to cart my kids because I couldn't wait to be a soccer mom. My son had the very best formula!   I made sure JR ate ceral at 4 mos fruits and veggies at 6mos and meats and potatoes at 8mos.  When JR got excema I lathered him up in steriod creams just like the doctor said too!  I was strict.  Didn't let him get away with anything.  I yelled at him just like I had been yelled at.  I popped his butt just like mine had been popped.  I was gonna be a GREAT mom!

 Five years ago I was an idiot.  And in many areas I still am.

Now I really wish I had bought a more eco-efficient vehicle.  I wish I had known breast feeding is do-able and wonderful for the body and spirit.  I wish I had known that infants only need breast milk (formula) the first year.  I wish I had known that eliminating air-fresheners and harsh soaps would help eczema much more than a nasty chemical ever could.  I wish I had known  there are better parenting methods than yelling and spanking.  I am learning so much!  Trying my best to figure it out and do it right! 

I just want other parents to know that even if they started out one way there is always time to change up your habits!  There is always time to learn!   Raise your children with love.  Sure, we all make mistakes.  I know some days I am throwing temper tantrums right a long with them!  Parenting is a learning experience that never ends! 

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