Hi I am new here on cafemom, I decided to join to share my book.

Check it out : https://www.createspace.com/3490718

Oh I almost forget the best part, half of the proceeds go to Domestic Violence Shelters!

About the author:
I was a single mom with three kids, working sometimes 70 hours a week and still struggling. I started making chocolates for farmers markets and bazaars. My life of struggling financially was finally over! I made more money than I ever did at any job and opened two very successful storefronts within 3 years. I decided to pass along my journey with farmers markets and bazaars by writing this book so others will not have to struggle like I did.

The Secrets To Making Thousands At Farmers Markets And Bazaars

Authored by Janie Marquiss

This book is about my journey through farmers markets and bazaars, and how I made thousands of dollars selling chocolate truffles.
I have shared all my recipes from my business, LaLa Land Chocolates in this book so you too can make thousands of dollars.

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