Ok, as many of you know, my husband is an artist, and we run Arts in Wonderland .... he has entered this HUGE LIFE CHANGING contest .. and here is what is wrote to his fans... this is the last post, to see more JOIN http://www.facebook.com/artsinwonderland

PER JOE Palotas:

Thank you ALL for such a HUGE support of My Art!! I apprecaite it more than I can even express!! It's been an amazing few days, and I know some of you have gotten more than enough messages from me .... :) And do have to say that your all so Awesome!!

This contest is very important to me ..... and TODAY is the last day to VOTE .. you have until Midnight 2night to vote, and as many know, you CAN vote more than 1 time, every 24 hours your allowed to vote!

I want to WIN peoples choice award, that's what my goal is, this can and would be a life changing win, I would appreciate your votes and your repostings!!

Just click the 5 stars (top right corner) Make sure you click 5 stars .. Really simple and easy, no need to register or anything!!! www.arttakesmiami.com/artsinwonderland takes only a few seconds

Please feel free to post this on your WALL, your fb, Your twitter, anywhere you WANT .. I NEED your HELP to win this!!

Help me make my dreams come true!!!


Joseph Palotas

Posted After top message:

Ok, I just found an artist, photographer that has over 900 votes!!! That means I REALLY NEED YOUR PUSH!!! She may of had her profile on since the 1st of the month when the contest started .... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Share with EVERYONE YOU KNOW .... http://www.arttakesmiami.com/artsinwonderland (( give me 5 stars, top right corner ))



<3 Jessica Palotas


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