AS the mother to two beautiful girls I would like to tell you what we as moms expect of you.

First off when you come to pick up my daughter you come into my house.  You don't ever beep the horn or text from the driveway.  If you can't come meet us, you can't take my girl out.

Second. When you do come into my house you will interact with my family and be part of the conversation.  It will not be  a question and answer session.  Engage with us so we can get to know you.  If you can't even bring your sorry ass to my house, don't expect to be welcomed with open arms when you do grace us.

You will not be held in good standing if you continually disappoint my daughter.  If you say you are going to come over and don't, and do it more often than not, is it any surprise you may not be welcomed so warmly when you do come over?

As her mother I have to watch her cry and be sad over you and be told that you are a "good person".  How good are you when you hide behind your computer telling her how much you love her and how wonderful she is, than go out with your friends, or other girls?  How is it possible that you can get back together with an ex-girlfriend and than after breaking up with her tell my daughter, "It is you, it was always you"?  How about being honest and tell her it is you whenever we are talking or I can see you, not always.

I want to like you, I really do.  If my daughter sees something in you I want to see it too.  But  by God you are making it really hard for me.  As a 47 yo woman, I have seen boys like you for a long time and I can see a loser coming, and boy do you look like that loser.  I am sorry for that, but you have not shown me anything different.  I am trying to see what she sees, but you have to come here for me to see.

Thank you for letting me, once again, vent.

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Nov. 1, 2010 at 9:53 PM

just thought u might need this later

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