I get up early just to hear my own thoughts, it's getting more challenging as the weather turns colder, but it's the only time for me. So here I am before the chaos of the morning begins.

today's obstacle:

I need to get a tooth pulled and have been avoiding it. I am not very good at the dentist and I need them to put me to sleep. I am having a hard time getting someone to bring me. At 40 years old, you would think you could have someone in your life to help with these things, but everyone has there own stuff. For today, I will make the appointment then figure it out when the time comes.

being a mom, who takes the kids? who drops me off? they want the person to stay there, so a cab is out. Maybe it will be quick and the cab guy could stay, I'll have to ask.

for now, no dishes, no folding laundry, or putting things away, just the tick of a clock behind me and the clicking of the key board, 5 minutes of peace :)

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