Well, I found something to keep me busy this morning. My daughter informed me our favorite radio station (which I was never able to listen to while working) is giving away 4 Justin Bieber tickets and round-trip limo transportation to his Philly show in two weeks. I have to sit here and try to get qualified. Ok, I want to sit here and try to get qualified. Winning those tickets would be a dream come true for her. And as every mom knows, we want more than anything to make our kids' dreams come true!

She was tickled pink with the tickets I got her for her bithday over the summer, but the seats weren't that good and we certainly didn't have transportation provided by a limo company. (But that didn't stop her from jumping up on her chair and crying like a typical teenage girl when he stepped on stage!) Yeah, that was fun.

So anyway, we'll see how it goes. I used to be really good at winning stuff on the radio. But that was back when I was her age. When he still had real phones and didn't have to rely on whether or not the cell towers wanted to pick up our call.

Wish me luck!

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