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Each week Cafemom Group Resource Center showcases groups in one of up to five categories. New Groups, Expert Groups, Friendship Groups, Rising Stars and our Group Challenge winner. 
Here are the great groups we shared in GRC recently.

Deaf or Hearing Impaired Moms

New Group of the Week: Deaf or Hearing Impaired Moms

A support group for those mom's who are HOH/deaf or who child(ren), S/O's who are HOH/deaf

GRC spoke with group owner, waspinators_mom, about what it was like to set up a  new group. "As I was looking for groups for deaf and hard of hearing support, I could only find one. But it was sooo big and I didn't really "fit in" so to speak.

After making a post about being Hearing impaired and how to make it easier dealing with someone that is hearing impaired,  I decided to start my own group. ...Our vision is to have our group be a place for mothers to turn to when in need. We have an interpreter that helps us all, and we have many moms that have knowledge in this area. We want mothers to be able to come to our group and get the help and support they need."


Rising Star of the Week: FRIENDS INC.

Hey GF, are you sick of all the high school drama, been a victim of the delete button for speaking your mind, told who you can be friends with or do you just want to hang out with some really cool chicks who are friends, sisters, moms, BFF's who want to speak their mind and have a whole lot of fun. Well GF, you made it. Welcome to Friends Inc. We are so glad too see you. We have games, trivia, TV talk, movie reviews. Mom of the month where you run the group,no holes barred. Parties for crazy events. Celebrating your special events as well as some crazy ones we find.Share your home business. Theme days. Here everyone owns the group. We welcome all ideas and suggestions. At FRIENDS INC. everyone is equal and most of all friends. WE LOVE YA SISTA!

In a recent conversation, GRC was able to learn how this group focuses on fostering th 'Rising Star' spirit in the group. "We found a need for friendship where a bond really forms. We stop by chatterboxes weekly to say hi and offer a kind word. There is no drama and members all feel equal. We looked at thought bubbles and contacted moms looking for friendship without judgement. We listen and answer all posts daily. We know [our members] value the friendship and the support we offer. Everyday they come to find new things to talk about and kindness. We believe in random acts of kindness."

Sewing Diaper Divas

Expert Group of the Week: Sewing Diaper Divas

Whether you're new to sewing or a pro, diapers are easy! Come look at what we've made and share your own! We love to see new momma made fluff!
But BEWARE...sewing diapers is addicting!!

xtwistedxlovex, took some time to tell us what she thinks what her members get of this group. "I think the biggest thing people take away from our group is the excitement of sharing something we enjoy. Sewing diapers can seem like a pretty daunting task to a beginner, but they get the knowledge and advice of those who have more experience and - I hope - an increased confidence that they can sew, and with practice become very good at it."

PeeWee's Place

Friendship Group of the Week: PeeWee's Place

This is a group or I would rather say family of people where grieving pet owners can come together to be with others that really understand what they are going through! It doesn't matter if your pet is/was a dog, cat, horse, bird, goat or anything else. We still love/loved them and they are/were a part of our family! So please come and join us and tell us about your precious furbabies!

GRC was pleased to sit down with Gail to hear about her group. "Friendships is one of the primary purposes of the group! We are a very close knit group and drama free! Another primary purpose is reaching out to hurting people. I know how it feels to hurt. ...One of the things I do to encourage friendships to be made is to try and be a friend to all my members and in turn, they become friends with the ones that join. I have a forum especially to introduce new members. We welcome everyone that joins the group. I do my best to care about everyone and do not judge or condemn them - just love them! I also try to be as active as I can in the group."

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