i ca not believe it is already november already!!! the time just flies by. well the boys are doing better today, they have been sick this past week, and now are just being fussy. my oldest son jacob ( aka turtle tot) is fixing to be two on the 6th and you can already tell!! he has been out rate the past five days, and has decided he does not have to listen to anyone. but he is a good boy, i love him to death, but he thinks he is all that now. he has figured out he can get threw the baby gate now, so he has free range of the house and gets into everything he can, so i am in the process of making sure i clean everything up that he can get hurt with. fred is sitting in his swing that his daddy found for him on the side of the road , that is in perfect condition, and he loves it. i am trying to produce more breast milk, but i think this is going to be another day where i just do not have any milk to giver my lil'monkey ( aka  fred ) my hubby has gone to work, poor baby missed the bus and had to walk about 4 to 5 miles to work this morning, i feel so bad for him. i love him to death he will do anything for me, and i will do anything for him. i could not imagine my life without my men, i really couldn't they are my world, and my everything.  well it is time to feed fred and jacob is starting to throw his toys downstairs so i need to run. tami faye

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